Hands-on Photo Tip: Photomatix Pro 5 ‘Fusion Real-Estate’ Method

Photomatix Pro 5 Fusion Real Estate Method - screenReal-estate photographers are confronted with many situations where they need to capture the interior of a room and the view out of the windows in a single image. This is where HDR techniques can really help you capture such a scene and present this entire tonal range in your final image.

However, real-estate photos have to be as natural as possible. Therefore, tone mapping approaches are dismissed by most real estate photographers because getting a natural look with them is difficult.

Photomatix Pro 5 now has a really effective and simple new method called Fusion/Real-Estate that lets you take full control over the tonal range of your images while keeping them as natural as possible.

This video shows you how easy it is to apply this new method.

The Video Tutorial


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13 replies
  1. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Hi Klaus,

    thanks again for a nice tutorial. In the video you use the beta version of photomatix pro 5, right? Have you ever tried the final version? I think its online now on the english website. I hope I will find the time to download and try it out soon.

    Best Regards

  2. Harry
    Harry says:

    Hallo Klaus,

    erst mal Dir und Deiner Familie ein frohes und gesundes neues Jahr. Das wünsche ich übrigens auch Deinen Besuchern hier wie auch allen HDR-Freunden.

    Gutes Tutorial. Werde ich gleich mal ausprobieren. Ich habe da einige Motive, die mit dem Detail Enhancer oder anderen Fusion-Optionen nicht so richtig hingehauen haben.

    Liebe Grüße

  3. Bill
    Bill says:

    Love your presentation technique. The presentation itself was also quite enjoyable and informative. Keep up the good work.


  4. Steve
    Steve says:

    Great video on Photomatix Pro 5 ‘Fusion Real-Estate’ Method.
    Simply explained, this takes out all the experimental fiddling I have used before.
    Many thanks

  5. john
    john says:

    I was just ask by afriend if I could start doing this for his real estate comp. thanks for shortening my post pro

  6. Greg
    Greg says:

    What a fantastic tutorial, thanks. The right photos to represent real estate can make a huge difference. It can be difficult to get them to look natural.

  7. Richard Sisk
    Richard Sisk says:

    Hello Klaus,
    I am sharing your excellent tutorial on HDR360pro.com with a link back to your blog. Let me know if there is any problem.
    Richard Sisk

  8. Niall Cummins
    Niall Cummins says:

    Love this simple technique Klaus,have been doing it so wrong over the years now making unrealistic interior photos in tone mapping.


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