HDR Before and After: New Mosque – Istanbul, Turkey (HDR Vertorama)

Before-and-after comparison of an HDR Vertorama photo of the New Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

New Mosque – Istanbul, Turkey (HDR Vertorama) – Before and After comparison (click to enlarge)

This is the HDR before and after comparison of “New Mosque – Istanbul, Turkey (HDR Vertorama)“. The final image was created from 4×4 TIFF files (series of 4 autobracketed RAW images, +2, 0, -2EV that were converted to TIFFs using Abobe Camera RAW with the Five TIFFs method creating an additional +4EV image). You can see the 12 source images in the left three columns. These images were merged into 4 32-bit HDRs and tone-mapped with Photomatix Pro 4.1 (detail enhancer option) using the same settings for each image. The resulting 4 16-bit TIF images where then stitched using Photoshop CS4. The result of the stitching, perspective correction, cropping, and retouching can be seen in the middle column. In the right column, you see the final image after a number of post-processing steps executed in Photoshop CS4.

The final image and a more detailed description of the post-processing steps can be viewed here. Click on the image below to view a bigger version.



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7 replies
  1. ph.p.ph. (paolo)
    ph.p.ph. (paolo) says:

    Ciao Klaus, i write all, but in this page, i look the top pic.
    Why, in the first column, where there are the original shots,
    this have differents dimensions?
    If i shot a bracketing i have three equal shots .
    Or maybe i don’t understand.
    3 column, 4 series ,
    12 but the shots in line is differents ( lens mm )
    Thanks for all , my friend and teacher.

    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Paolo,

      actually all the shots have equal dimensions. It is just the layout of this presentation that makes them look as if they are different.


    ALBIHANY says:

    I Don’t really get it how did you shot this first of all i’m confused with the pictures straight of of the camera did you shot the scene as segments(vertical panorama ) because that what the pictures sight from the camera shows ? the other thing i’m confused about is when you say ” series of 4 autobracketed RAW images, +2, 0, -2EV ” , i thought that when i shot autobrackted shots with from 2+ to -2EV the result would be 5 images , please forgive my poor knowledge and explain to me what i messed here

      ALBIHANY says:

      Oh i think i got it all now ^_^, you it was really a panorama, i don’t know how i messed that , however i still have one more small question about the Five TIFFs method, at the previous explanation you said that we can add more two exposures -4EV and one with -6EV(two underexposures) but here you’re adding +4EV ( which is one over exposure) so should i understand from that i can add as many exposures i need either over or under as i require , and it will still be in the five TIFFs method.

      thanks in advance i’m really learning a lot from your articles .


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