HDR Before and After - High Five

HDR Before and After: High Five

HDR Before and After - High Five

High Five (HDR) – Before-and-After comparison (click to enlarge, click with middle mouse button to open in new tab)

This is the before-and-after comparison of “High Five (HDR)“. In the top row, you see the six original source images straight out of the camera. This image is based on a 6-shot semi-autobracketing series with -3, -2, -1, 0, +1 and +2 ev. On the left side on the bottom row, you see the result of merging those shots into a 32-bit HDR and subsequent tone-mapping using the detail enhancer option of Photomatix Pro 4.1. And finally, the right side of the bottom row shows the final image after a number of post-processing steps executed in Photoshop CS5.

Watch the making of 'High Five (HDR)' - a 6-exposue HDR image


High Five (HDR)

Final image

View the final result and read more information on the post-processing work here: High Five (HDR). And you should not miss the Making-of time-lapse video in full HD.

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7 replies
  1. Cathy Donohoue
    Cathy Donohoue says:

    Thanks so much for doing this as a teaching tool. I am just beginning to pay attention to this sort of photography so this couldn’t have come along at a better time.
    Handheld! Outstanding.

  2. Maria Magdalena Sánchez Bedolla
    Maria Magdalena Sánchez Bedolla says:

    Me gusta la fotografía y las nuevas tendencias a las que se tiene acceso con programas digitales para su modificación.

  3. Kevin Collins
    Kevin Collins says:

    So, what I don’t get is how you can achieve the same positioning using the semi-bracketing hand-held. I can barely hold the camera still enough for three shots let alone having to hold it, drop the lens, reconfigure the camera and then reposition the lens again for three more shots.

    Do you set and AF marker on a particular spot as a guide? Do you just let photomatix remove the Ghosting?

    Love the work – the question is just a testament to your talent.

  4. Amy
    Amy says:

    I am so impressed with your mastery of the HDR process. your work is inspirational and aspirational. Thx for taking the time to share.

  5. Davidyi Hime
    Davidyi Hime says:

    Klaus-Thank you for your generosity of spirit in sharing your beautiful art, and your vast knowledge of the process. I agree that your work is inspirational, and I’m looking forward to employing more of your techniques in the field, as well as in post-processing.

    Can you explain if you ever change your semi-autobracketing settings depending on the available light? In very dark situations, do you change the range from -2 to +3?

  6. Jane
    Jane says:

    You do such beautiful work, I look forward to the new pics to play with although I don’t have as many tools to work as you but I will give it a go. I have you seen CS6 yet? I really like the dark interface they introduced as I hate that empty interface of the other versions. When I get my first DSLR I am going to do some serious upgrading. Thanks for sharing your work, love the new videos.


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