HDR Making-of: The Parliament (HDR)

This is the Making-of video for ‘The Parliament (HDR)‘. Watch how this image evolves through all the post-processing stages and stop at any position to inspect the parameter settings (see remarks below). This video shows the entire post-processing work starting with the HDR merging and the tone-mapping all the way through to the finishing touches. Each major step is indicated by a subtitle. Watch it in full HD mode (1080p) full-screen and pause at any point to inspect the parameters I choose for the different tools involved in the post-processing.

View the final result and read more information on the post-processing work here: The Parliament (HDR). Take a look at the before-and-after comparison of this image, and download the source images to try for yourself and test your post-processing skills.

Additional resources

The HDR image

The Parliament (HDR)

Before and after

HDR Before and After - The Parliament

Pics to play with

The Parliament (HDR) - Pics to play with - download the source images and test your processing skills


  • This video is available in HD (1080p). Click the “YouTube” button to the lower right of the player above to go to the original video on YouTube. You will have to switch the player to “1080p” (click on the gear wheel) to watch the HD version!
  • In HD mode, you can stop at any position and see the exact parameter setting I applied. Use the knob on the time bar to move forward and backward as the video is paused.
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  1. Oscar Gutierrez
    Oscar Gutierrez says:

    Thanks for this website. I’ve learned a lot from it and I really appreciate that you make all this information available. I especially enjoy watching your videos, they’re excellent.


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