The Making-of: High Five (HDR)

Here is the Making-of video for ‘High Five (HDR)‘. Watch how this image evolves through all the post-processing stages and stop at any position to inspect the parameter settings (see remarks below). This video shows the entire post-processing work starting with the HDR merging and the tone-mapping  all the way through to the finishing touches. Each major step is indicated by a subtitle. Watch it in full HD mode (1080p) full-screen and pause at any point to inspect the parameters I choose for the different tools involved in the post-processing.

View the final result and read more information on the post-processing work here: High Five (HDR). Take a look at the before-and-after comparison of this image, and download the source images to try for yourself and test your post-processing skills.


  • This video is available in HD (1080p). Click the “YouTube” button to the lower right of the player above to go to the original video on YouTube. You will have to switch the player to “1080p” (click on the gear wheel) to watch the HD version!
  • In HD mode, you can stop at any position and see the exact parameter setting I applied. Use the knob on the time bar to move forward and backward as the video is paused.
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19 replies
  1. Mitymous
    Mitymous says:

    Wow! Thanks for making the video; really useful. I learned a lot (including how much I still have to learn). ;^)

  2. Robert Deschenes
    Robert Deschenes says:

    Outstanding tutorial challenging my modest skills.
    I have lot of practice to do before reaching your fabulous results!
    Many thanks!

  3. Carlos
    Carlos says:

    my hat´s off, your photographs inspire me to get something more out of a simple photo, I´m still not there, but I think I learn something new today, thanks for this video

  4. Denis
    Denis says:

    Pointless videos, seriously??????, they are of no help at all. When I seen you were starting up a youtube channel I would have thought you would include proper paced instructions with the videos.

    The videos just show getting a to b but you dont give us the directions?

    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Dear Denis,

      I am sad to hear that you find the time-lapse videos pointless, and I am even more sad to see that you seem to have a rather angry and demanding attitude about that.

      Let me put two things into perspective here:

      1. There are two types of videos that I publish in my channel: a) time-lapse making-of videos (like this one) with subtitles and b) normal-speed tutorials (called ‘Hands-on Photo Tips‘). The latter type of video may be what you are looking for. Please understand that I have just started producing these and they are too complex to produce to make a video every day. I will add more tutorials over time, but it simply requires time.

      2. This is a completely free resource. I am investing time and effort to produce these videos without any compensation. I do not charge you any money for this work. If you have constructive critique or suggestions, I am more than happy to listen to you. However, there is really no basis on which you can be angry at me. If you do not like the free content I offer to you, please feel free to ignore it.

      I still hope that you find at least some of the information on this website useful and that it helps you improve your own work.


  5. Murray
    Murray says:


    Thank you so much for this tutorial. Your work is outstanding. Is there any way to slow down the video. It goes so fast it gives me a headache. I think your technique is by far the best and would pay to learn this. I will watch your hands on material again, but if I could only slow this tutorial down, it would be great. Thank you for providing us with the chance to learn, I look forward to many more of your works. Outstanding new You Tube site.

  6. Paulo Pinto
    Paulo Pinto says:

    Hallo Herr Klaus

    Ich schreibe Ihnen von Portugal, und ich hoffe das Sie mein Deutsch verstehen könen. Zuerst “Congratulations” für Ihre Website und hervorragende Arbeit. Hier kann mann sehr viel lernen. Wenn es möglich ist, werde Ich Ihnen eine Frage Stellen: Wie machen Sie Ihre “Pre-Processing” von den Raw Files in Camera Raw bevor Photomatix? Können Sie das ganz Kurz erklären oder schreiben? Das interessiert mich sehr und das werde auch ein wichtiges Hilfsmittel sein.

    Ich danken Ihnen unde sende Freundliche Grüssen aus Portugal

    Paulo Pinto

  7. Nick Baudean
    Nick Baudean says:

    But I must say, I thought the whole purpose of HDRI Raw images was to adjust the ranges from each image to combine into the perfect photo.
    It seems the techniques used can be used on a non processed HDRI Image to achieve the same thing!
    So, this is where I’m confused!

    Outstanding job/work bro.

  8. Neil
    Neil says:

    That was a lot of masking! Try the Polygonal Lasso Tool with 1-2 feather – much quicker than paintbrush. I like how you desaturated the arches… that “touch of color” style, helps make the structure pop.

    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Heil,

      thanks for your feedback. The polygon lasso is not nearly as accurate as the brush, and it takes longer too.


  9. Shane
    Shane says:

    Hi Klaus
    Gobsmacked at the process, I have discovered how much I don’t yet know…. thank you, you have a new student…


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