HDR Making-of Videos

Reading an illustrated tutorial is nice and informative. But I think, actually seeing how things are done can be even more valuable. Therefore, I record my work using a screen capture software to produce a Making-of video from time to time. These time-lapse videos are brief, entertaining, and informative.

In this section, you will find a comprehensive list of all my Making-of videos. Open the respective post to view the video and to get some additional information.

Make sure you read the Viewing Tips at the bottom of this page!

HDR Cookbook – The Making of “St. John’s Co-Cathedral – Valletta, Malta (HDR Vertorama)”

View the final result: St. John’s Co-Cathedral – Valletta, Malta (HDR Vertorama) Remarks This is the first making of video of my HDR processing. You will also find this video in my flickr stream. I decided to publish such material outside of flickr using other services that offer more features and flexibility. Enjoy!

Viewing Tips

Here are a few tips to enhance the experience of watching these movies:

  • Each video is available in HD (1080p or 720p). Click the “YouTube” button to the lower right of the player to go to the original video on YouTube and watch it in HD. Important: You will have to switch the player to “1080p” (or “720p” if “1080p” is not available) to watch the HD version!
  • Once you have switched to HD mode, click on he full-screen button at the lower right of the video area to watch the video in full resolution. his should allow you to actually see what I am doing.
  • You can stop at any position and see the exact parameter setting I applied. Use the knob on the time bar to move forward and backward as the video is paused.