HDR Pics to play with: High Five

This HDR Pics to play with archive is containing the source exposures of the HDR image 'High Five (HDR)'.This HDR Pics to play with archive is containing the source exposures of the HDR image ‘High Five (HDR)‘.


Below is the ZIP archive with the images. Make sure you read the information in Read This First.txt (included in the archive).

Pics to play with – High Five – by farbspiel-photo.com.zip

(md5 checksum: 08d50033e0f320f462d1c00b61ef32f2)

Image Information

Below, you find the details for each of the images:

Image file Exposure value Shutter speed Type
High Five – ppw – 01.tif +3 EV 1/8s artificial (created form +2 EV exposure)
High Five – ppw – 02.tif +2 EV 1/15s original
High Five – ppw – 03.tif +1 EV 1/30s original
High Five – ppw – 04.tif 0 EV 1/60s original
High Five – ppw – 05.tif -1 EV 1/125s original
High Five – ppw – 06.tif -2 EV 1/250s original
High Five – ppw – 07.tif -3 EV 1/500s original
High Five – ppw – 08.tif -4 EV 1/1000s artificial (created form -3 EV exposure)

Processing Information

The images have been pre-processed in the following way: The original RAW files where converted to TIFFs in Adobe Camera RAW with the default settings. Any noise reduction and sharpening was turned off. The CA (Chromatic Aberration) was removed (see Correcting Chromatic Aberration for details). The noise was reduced using Topaz DeNoise. The imaged where aligned, watermarked and saved as TIFFs in Photoshop.

Processing Tips

Use the source images as you feel appropriate. It is not strictly necessary to use all of them. Visit the photo page at to get information on my personal workflow for this image. It may serve as a starting point. Aligning the source images, reducing noise and reducing chromatic aberration is not necessary. In Photomatix (or any other HDR software you use), you should turn off these options.

Additional Resources

A before-and-after comparison that includes the intermediate tone-mapped image is available for this HDR image. Also watch the Making-of video for this image to see the whole process of its creation. Take a look at my HDR Cookbook for a lot of useful post-processing tips that may help you in improving your techniques.

The Making of 'High Five (HDR)' - Watch the whole process in time-lapse

Making-of video

HDR Before and After - High Five

Before-and -After

Sharing Your Results

There are different ways to share your results:

  1. You may go to the ‘Pics to play with: High Five’ thread in the flickr HDR group. You will find a discussion thread where you can share your result and see and discuss the results of others.
  2. Post you result on your website, on Google+ or elsewhere on the web and write comment to this post where you include the URL to the image. Make sure the image itself can be downloaded. Otherwise, I cannot include it here.
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31 replies
    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Peter,

      your link does not work. Facebook tells me that “This content is currently unavailable”. Maybe you can publish it in some other way!?


    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Clint,

      there is no photo under the address you specified. If you send the correct address, I’ll add your image.


    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Jon,

      I could not find the photo under the address you specified. If you send the correct address, I’ll add your image.


    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi James,

      the address you sent in your message above could not be found. Maybe you want to check this and send the right address.

  1. nico
    nico says:

    Hi, Here is my version,

    Not really HDr, that my workflow:
    -Lightroom, select 4 images, no adjustment —> Export: Enfuse
    -Lightroom, select enfused image, and High Five – ppw – 01.tif (for quick windows masking selection in photoshop), and High Five – ppw – 06.tif (for stone recovery around the windows)
    -Export as layer in photoshop
    -Post production, local ajustments… (Topaz adjust…)
    -Re-import final image in lightroom for little global adjustments
    -resizing and sharpening for the Web in photoshop(900px)

    Sometimes I find hdr rendering too unrealistic … more I use LDr (enfuse method) to get a more natural result.
    I am not satisfied with my results through lack of time I did not tweak as I wanted.
    But you can see the result here:


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