About The HDR Resource Index

I initiated The HDR Resource Index as a service to the growing community of HDR photographers. There is a lot of information on the web about this flourishing field of photography. Some people have collected links to different resources that may help beginners and advanced HDR enthusiasts alike. However, these resource lists are spread all over the web and remain fragmented and incomplete. When I started using HDR techniques, I had to search for the information I needed just like all the other beginners, and sometimes it was tough to find the right piece of information.

The HDR Resource Index is designed to improve this situation. It consists of three main areas (People, Education, and Software), and each of these three areas is further divided into two sub-areas. For each sub-area, there is a list of resources with accompanying information and a search facility that makes it easy for you to find the right resource quickly. You can quickly access any of the lists in the index via the The HDR Resource Index home page.

Who is The HDR Resource Index for?

The Beginner

You are new to HDR photography and in need of authoritative information? Browse through a curated list of diverse educational material including well-known online tutorials, important books and some of the hidden gems only known to the experts.

The Expert

You are a seasoned HDR photographer and you know some better information sources? Contribute your knowledge and associate your name with the HDR Resource Index as a contributor!

The Hesitant

You always wanted to try out HDR photography, but you were overwhelmed by the volume or the lack of information out there? Find the important material in the HDR Resource Index and kick off today.

Who Runs the Index?

I have initiated it and filled it with some initial content, but the index is really run by you and your peers in the HDR community. My role (besides being a contributor) is mainly that of a moderator. I will make sure that the index is not ending as a load of spam and that the resources added are of high quality.

Please contribute to make this a really useful resource for others!

Why should You Contribute?

To give something back to the community, to associate your name to The HDR Resource Index (see the Contributors page for details), or simply to build a quality resource that you can point the visitors of your website to.

How to Contribute

You will find the details about how you can contribute to the list at the Contributors page.

How to Add a Link on Your Website

If you like The HDR Resource Index, you should link to it on your website. To do so, go to the ‘Links and Badges‘ section and copy/paste one of the code snippets.

Does the Order of the Resources Imply any Ranking?

No! Each of the lists in the index is sorted alphabetically. Thus, the resource at first position is not any better of worse than the last one.