How to Correct Converging Lines the Right Way in Lightroom

Over-correcting your images for converging lines is too easy: Just make everything perfectly straight and your images will not look ‘correct’, but strange. You know those images of buildings where every vertical line is perfectly straight, right?

While all the lines are straight and parallel, the buildings actually appear to grow in size towards the top, a bit like buildings from a comic book.


The reason is that that’s not how we see the world. When you stand in front of a building, chances are that it’s taller than you, no matter if it’s large or small. So, you will experience a perspective distortion. Of course, that distortion is exaggerated by wide-angle lenses. But reducing it to zero means that you over-compensate and make the image look unnatural in the opposite way.

The right (natural) amount of distortion you should target is not set in stone. In the video below, I show you an example and the degree of distortion that looks ‘just right’ to me. But I think we can agree that both, the uncorrected and the over-corrected version look unnatural.

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