How To Create A Dynamic Cityscape in Photoshop

Cityscapes at night are a subject that is fascinating and challenging at the same time. How do you tame all those lights? How do you bring out all those amazing colors? How do you transform the flat-looking photo you took into a vibrant and dynamic piece of art?

Jimmy McIntyre is a master of cityscape photography, and in this featured video, he’ll show you what you need to do to create a stunning cityscape image. You’ll need multiple exposures because the dynamic range of cityscape scenes at night is very high. With a single exposure, you will either get blown-out highlights or an underexposed sky, but we want both these areas well exposed as they create the contrast we’re looking for in this type of image.

You can get Jimmy McIntyre’s ‘Art of Cityscapes’ video course as a part of the Complete Photography Bundle 2016 together with tons of additional photography training, resources and tools. In this course, Jimmy takes you through the entire workflow for his best cityscape images.

The bundle contains dozens of products with a total value of $2,500, but you will get it for $97. The only problem is that you need to be quick as the bundle will be gone very soon.


In a Nutshell…

Jimmy will show you how to use luminosity masks to blend the lights and the dark parts from the different exposures together seamlessly. You will also learn how to include light trails into your image in a very controlled way just through layer blend modes. There are a lot of nice tips in this video for digital blending and layer masking in Photoshop.

You’ll learn how to enhance the colors on your cityscape images through the tools available in Photoshop and through plugins like Nik Color Efex. And finally, Jimmy shows you how to correct the perspective of your images to get rid of those converging lines.

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  1. Robynne
    Robynne says:

    As one who cannot afford your bundle price, I must thank you for the previous important help and wish you the best. A very smart business model to collaborate on creating a bulk buy, but you wouldn’t be presenting many of them anyway. Others are following suit and in fact many are using the same amounts for value and sale prices. YouTube now a business, I suppose it was inevitable.


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