How To Dodge and Burn Effectively in Photoshop

Dodging and burning is one of the oldest and most essential photo editing techniques. In this featured video, Jimmy McIntyre shows you why the most widely used techniques to dodge and burn are not really the best and how to apply dodging and burning in a more refined and controllable way.

Dodge and Burn – that’s that tool in Photoshop, right? Well, if you look at how Ansel Adams ‘post-processed’ his images some 70 years ago, dodging and burning was one of the essential techniques he used. He wasn’t selecting some tool from the Photoshop tools palette, though. He was physically blocking the light as he developed the photo in paper. Back then, this was a real art. It required a lot of imagination, planning and experience to get it right. Check out the videos in this recent post to see what I mean.

Today, it has become really simple to do this in Photoshop. But you can still get it wrong. Check out Jimmy McIntyre’s video below to learn what to avoid when you dodge and burn your images, Jimmy will show you a set of techniques for dodging and burning in a very targeted and controllable way.

One of Jimmy McIntyre’s products is also featured in the Complete Photography Bundle 2016 that is running until October 2016.

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