How to Use Aurora HDR the Frankenstein Way

In this tutorial, you will learn how to piece together an impressive image in Aurora HDR without ever moving a single slider. You won’t need electricity, a remote location, chemicals or body parts to do this… but then again…… you just might…


Ok, Ok, Ok, on a more serious note: What do I mean by “the Frankenstein Way”?

Simple! Due to it’s unique layering features and the availability of presets, Aurora HDR lets you compose your adjustments in a quick and simple point-and-click way.

Sounds too easy? Well, you still need useful presets and some good judgement to start with. But then, it’s actually pretty straight forward.

BTW, you can win a free copy of the Ultimate HDR Master Class 2017 (which this tutorial is an excerpt of) for free until October 14, 2016. You can sign up to win here.

A personal note: You know that I was actually born and raised only a few kilometers away from the original Frankenstein Castle in Germany, don’t you? Seriously! No, there was no monster there. That’s pure fiction.

Mary Shelley, the author of the Frankenstein novel, visited this place in 1814 and was inspired by the story of an alchemist who engaged in “experiments” two centuries before. That’s how she got the idea for the novel.

The Tutorial in a Nutshell…

I’m going to show you how to start from scratch with a newly merged image and select the right presets for the different regions of your image. You will learn how to place each of these presets onto a separate layer and how to create respective masks to reveal them only in the relevant areas of you image.

Bonus Tip: By using layer opacity you can even take fine-grained control over the strength of each preset. And if you feel ready to do so, you can go in and change every single setting of each preset manually to get exactly what you want.

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