How to Use Noise Stacking In Your HDR Workflow

In this video tutorial, I’m going to show you how to apply noise stacking to your HDR workflow. This will enable you to shoot hand-held at high ISO settings and come away with clean images without applying a high dose of noise reduction in post-processing.

Noise has always been a problem in HDR photography. Especially if you shoot your source images hand-held with a high ISO setting, you’re going to run into the typical problem that the base noise in your images is going to be carried on through the entire workflow. Moreover, it’s going to be amplified by the typical HDR tone-mapping and adjustments applied to the image.

But if you shoot your source photos with this problem in mind, you can fix it rather easily without going to lower ISO settings. The idea is simple: Shoot multiple exposure series and noise stack them right in your HDR software.

This video is an excerpt from my video course Ultimate HDR Master Class 2017. Win a free copy of the course before October 14, 2016.

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5 replies
    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Rose!

      This is actually a Photoshop technique, not a Lightroom technique. And, yes, you can reduce noise with all kinds of filters, including the Reduce Noise Filter in Photoshop (although it’s not the best one).

      BUT the technique I introduce in this tutorial takes a totally different approach. Instead of applying some magic to the pixels after the photos have been taken, it adds more pixel data. In a way it’s like being able to reduce the ISO sensitivity of your camera and still shoot in very low light.

      Let me know if that sheds some more light on the matter.


  1. Irina matache
    Irina matache says:

    Really a great and effective video tutorial on how to apply noise stacking to your HDR workflow. From here I have gotten a chance to improve my work activities on it. Thanks for your post.


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