The Making of ‘The Church’ – HDR Panorama

I haven’t done one of these making-of videos in quite a while. Here’s a making-of for the 9-shot HDR panorama ‘The Church’. This type of image is notoriously difficult to create as it involves merging and stitching multiple exposure series.

What’s shown?

In this video, you see the entire post-processing work from merging the source photos into HDR images, via the panorama stitching, all the way to the editing stage where I change quite a bit of the lighting in the original scene around to shape the image according to what I had in mind.

Slow down!

If you’re interested to see the (slower) real-time version with detailed explanations of every step, check out my video course The Ultimate HDR Master Class 2017. It has an entire section on this image. You can also see a larger version and the before-and-after graphics for this image on the image page.

The video

And now, have fun!

The Making-of Main Screen Explained

These videos can rush past you very quickly. Here are a few tips to help you get a better understanding of what goes on.

making-of-video-legendThis is the main screen you’ll be watching in the video. The most important elements are the following: The main screencast area (1) is where the action is happening. In the message area (2) every step is described as it happens. The speed factor (3) tells you how much the video speed is increased over real time. And, finally, the editing time panel (4) shows you the actual (real) time that passed since the start of the editing work. This panel also shows a progress bar to give you a feeling for how far we are into the editing process.


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