How to turn day into night in Photoshop

Glyn Dewis is a photographer, retoucher and trainer from the UK who is well-known for going beyond just taking a photo and doing to usual retouching on it. Follow his tutorials to learn how to do more than that with your photos. In the video below, he shows you how to take a day-time photo and turn it into a night-time image – something that you probably never even thought about doing. But with some amazingly simple tricks, you can take a mundane photo and turn it into something really interesting.

Warning: If you are a purist who thinks that you will go to hell if you go beyond modest contrast and color adjustments, this is not for you. 😉

In a nutshell…

To achieve this impressive effect, Glyn essentially does the following:

  1. He creates one copy of the image layer with a heavy blue cast in Adobe Camera Raw and darkens it so that it looks like a night shot.
  2. He creates a second copy and gives it an orange-yellowish cast to use it for the lightened areas.
  3. Then he blends those two copies together in Photoshop to let the characteristic night-time lighting shine through.
  4. Finally, Glyn gives you some additional tricks to ‘sell the illusion’.

The video tutorial

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3 replies
  1. Bob Wilson
    Bob Wilson says:

    Hi Klaus,

    Just another wonderful tuturial. Unfortunately I still use Elements 11. There is no option to reopen Camera RAW. The work around takes way to many steps. I think I should be able to use TopazLabs to create the effect. The masking in Elements is also a problem. Anyhow, keep on educating us.

  2. José Parcerisa V
    José Parcerisa V says:

    Hi Klaus, I already follow Glyn´s web site and I had seen this video tutorial. He is an excellent retoucher and I have learned a lot the same as with your master tutorials.
    Thank you for looking excellent instructors to teach us.
    Your friend José


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