How (and why) you get my upcoming book FOR FREE!


My upcoming book: Unleash the Power of Lightroom Presets (click here to sign up as a Beta Reader)

For my upcoming book Unleash the Power of Lightroom Presets, I am taking kind of an unusual approach. Typically, authors and publishers keep all the content of their books secret until they are actually published. Giving readers access to unfinished work without charging for it seems the most crazy thing to do. And it is scary on so many levels. Yet, that’s exactly what I’m doing!

Check out the video below to get the details.

Check out the sample pages of the manuscript

Here are sample pages from every chapter. Please bare in mind that this is the manuscript layout. The final book will look quite different. You can find a more detailed chapter overview on the book page.

Why is it scary and crazy?

Now, if you create something of value, you want to make absolutely sure that nobody can access it without paying for it, right? This logical mindset is that of the traditional publishing industry – and for good reason. Allowing people to access unfinished work will reveal all the errors and possibly the lack of quality in the piece. And it may possibly decrease the expected revenue since people are able to consume a publication without paying. Why would they buy the finished book then?

See, the idea alone is crazy.

Why do I do it nevertheless?

Some people get incredibly skeptical when they read the words “for free”. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch. But yet, I am giving you the full beta manuscript of my book. Why am I doing this?

The answer is… are you ready?… Because I believe in the power of community.

What I am offering you here is actually a deal that is mutually beneficial: I give you access to a premium book, and you give me feedback. You are the readers, you are all experts in some way, you have a combined set of knowledge and experience that no single individual could accumulate in their life time. Therefore, your feedback will help me improve the book tremendously.

Even though I am the main author, I want to make this a community project that all of us (you – the beta readers, and me) can be proud of.

If you want to join this community, sign up as a beta reader today.

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