About the Photo Cookbook Series

The Photo Cookbook Series (PCS) is a series of eBooks, video courses and other educational material that provide in-depth practical information on different photographic topics and offer practical guidance to photographers at any level. The topics do not only include HDRi (High Dynamic Range imaging) but also more general fields, related to the technique, the technology, and the workflow involved with creating, processing and presenting photographs. Over time, I will add more eBooks to The Photo Cookbook Series to make it a living library that you can use to guide you through your photographic life.

Get your free copy of the eBook HDR Top Tips – 10 Tips for Better HDR PhotosGet a first glimpse…

You can get a glimpse of the PCS look-and-feel by claiming your free copy of the eBook HDR Top Tips – 10 Tips for Better HDR Photos. This eBook contains 10 handy tips for your HDR work (plus a bonus tip). The range of tips covers the entire HDR workflow starting with shooting your source photos, via the preparation and the merging of the images, all the way to the tone-mapping and post-processing phase. Read more


So what can you expect from The Photo Cookbook Series and why should you stay in touch? Here are some of the features that are waiting for you:

  • A clear overall concept

    The Photo Cookbook Series is not just a lose collection of unrelated eBooks with different levels of detail and different styles of presentation. The Photo Cookbook Series is different: Every eBook follows the same design principles, the same look and feel and the same educational concepts. Build your own PCS library that covers the topics you are interested in and you will have a seamless personal eBook collection that you can easily and quickly consult at any time.

  • Concise step-by-step instructions

    Each PCS product is built around a backbone of practical step-by-step instructions that tie into an overall workflow. The instructions are directly applicable. Just follow the steps and you will get there!

  • Focused topics

    You get exactly what you need – nothing more – nothing less. Each eBook is on a clearly specified topic. You won’t spend money on stuff you already have or that you do not need.

  • Clear and detailed information

    For every topic, you will learn everything there is to it. I don’t keep secrets! I get straight to the point! The language and style of presentation I use is clear and easily accessible.

  • Rich illustrations

    Every lesson is based on richly illustrated examples that are easy to follow. Every important control element of the respective software is clearly pointed out and described.

  • Versatility

    Read the eBooks on different devices, or print them. Each eBook is available in PDF format. You can load it onto your Desktop, your Laptop, your Tablet PC or your Smartphone. If you like paper, you can also print it.

  • Affordable products

    You will get invaluable information that helps you take it to the next level for only a few dollars.

  • Try before you buy

    Plenty of sample material will be provided for each product. Download it and study it to help you with your decision as to whether the eBook will be worth your money. The samples alone will solve some of your problems completely free.

  • Money-back guarantee

    You will get a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with an eBook you purchased, simply request a refund. You will get your money back – no questions asked. Period!

  • Interactivity and support

    Wherever possible, you will find links to further information and material on my website in each of the eBooks. If you have any difficulties with the contents of one of the eBooks, you can consult a dedicated online FAQ page for that particular eBook directly from within the eBook, or you can email me personally, and I will try to answer any questions you have.

Discounts and Updates

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