The best photography magazines on Flipboard

The best photography magazines on Flipboard-horizontalFlipboard is a mobile app that lets you aggregate your favorite content from all over the web and from social media into a nice-looking magazine that other users can subscribe to. The company is on its way to reaching the 150 million user mark this year, and its users have created 10 million magazines by now – magazines about every conceivable topic.

Using Flipboard is a great way to stay informed about your favorite subject. I use it daily, and it serves me well. Note that I have no association with the company. I am just a regular user who likes the product.

Photography magazines

But if you love photography as I do, where do you start? Which magazines among the 10 million are right for you? Last year, shortly after Flipboard released version 2.0 of their app that let users create their own magazines for the first time, I have published a post about the 20 Top Photography Magazines on Flipboard. But at that time, things were still very much in a state of flux and it was unclear where these magazines would be going.

Today, nearly 18 months after the first article, I am giving you a new, completely revised list of what I think are the top Flipboard photography magazines. Some of these magazines have grown to several hundred thousand subscribers by now, and you can safely say that they are established among the community of Flipboard users with editors who put in a sustained effort to bring you the best and latest new content in their niche of photography.

Is there room for more magazines?

10 million magazines overall sounds like a huge number. But if you look at the list below, you will find that it’s not complete by any means. While we have a number of magazines that share a broad spectrum of photography-related content, there are a lot of specific photography niches that do not yet have a strong specific magazine. So, go ahead and create your own! Make it specific, and give it a strong focus on the subject you love. Put in a sustained effort to share high-value articles regularly, and it will grow.

If you know a magazine that fulfills these criteria (also see the section at the end of this article) and that you feel should be on the list, write a comment and let me know.

My list of the top photography magazines

Photography InSight Flipboard Magazine by Klaus Herrmann
Photography InSight
News, Stories, Tutorials, Tips & Tricks... Everything you need to stay up to date in photography.

by Klaus Herrmann

Readers (as of August 2014): 200,000+


Description: Photography InSight covers all areas of photography from landscape to architecture, to portraits, to street photography and many more. It provides links to tutorials, tips, techniques, reviews of cameras and gear, news and stories from the most important photography sources on the web.

Top Photo Flipboard Magazine by Klaus Herrmann
Top Photo
The best photos of the world in one place!

by Klaus Herrmann

Readers (as of August 2014): 100,000+


Description: Top Photo is all about the photos themselves. I love viewing great photos from other amazing photographers and this is the place where I present my absolute favorites.

Portrait Flipboard Magazine by Finbarr Doyle
Portraits of Who WE Are

by Finbarr Doyle

Readers (as of August 2014): 43,000+


Description: This magazine showcases the best portraits from around the world. If portrait photography is your thing, this is a great place to get some inspiration.

Street Photography Flipboard Magazine by garethnealon
Street Photography

by garethnealon

Readers (as of August 2014): 73,000+


Description: Street Photography presents news, tips and tricks related to... well... street photography. This is one of the magazines to subscribe to if you are into this genre of photography.

Micro Four Thirds Flipboard Magazine by Eric E. Anderson
Micro Four Thirds
Digital Photography, News & Gear for the 4/3 Enthusiast

by Eric E. Anderson

Readers (as of August 2014): 330,000+


Description: Eric E. Anderson shares articles about the mirrorless sector in general, mixed with photos and other news. So if you are a mirrorless enthusiast, this is a good place to stay up-to-date about all the gear news and also get the most important new stories outside that area.

Instagram Gems Flipboard Magazine by Flipboard Photo Desk
Instagram Gems

by Flipboard Photo Desk

Readers (as of August 2014): 200,000+


Description: This magazine is run by the Flipboard Photo Desk (Flipboard themselves) and specializes on sharing the best images from Instagram. So, if you need an additional source to make sure you do not miss any gem on Instagram, this is for you.

Canon Photographer's Digest Flipboard Magazine by Scott Jones
Canon Photographer's Digest
Canon photography articles and news from a wide variety of social networks #CanonDigest

by Scott Jones

Readers (as of August 2014): 82,000+


Description: If you are a Canon shooter and you want to stay uptodate on the latest gear, news, tips, and rumors, this is a good place to go. The magazine also shares more general articles, but it revolves mainly around Canon gear, shooting and everything connected to it.

Beginners Photography Flipboard Magazine by Duncan McGregor
Beginners Photography
Simple tricks and tips to get you off auto.

by Duncan McGregor

Readers (as of August 2014): 84,000+


Description: If you are just starting out in photography, Beginners Photography is a great magazine for you. It mainly contains tutorials and information that is helpful for beginners and gets them up to speed quickly in any area of photography.

Wedding Photojournalism Flipboard Magazine by Dedot
Wedding Photojournalism
Wedding and engagement/pre wedding photos

by Dedot

Readers (as of August 2014): 35,000+


Description: If you are a wedding photographer, this magazine is a good place to get some inspiration, it contains mainly wedding and engagement photos from around the world. Flip through to get some ideas for your next shoot.

Digital Camera 101 Flipboard Magazine by John Kerans
Digital Camera 101
Technique, history, gear for photographers / August 2014 /

by John Kerans

Readers (as of August 2014): 30,000+


Description: This magazine has an emphasis on news, tricks and tips about photography gear covering all manufacturers as well DIY projects for creating your own gear for little money. But the editor also mixes in other photography tutorials.

Film Photography Flipboard Magazine by Shelly Sometimes
Film Photography
Shooting film - past, present, and into the future!

by Shelly Sometimes

Readers (as of August 2014): 52,000+


Description: Some may consider film photography a dying art - others love it and practice it passionately. If you belong to the latter group, this magazine will keep you up-to-date on the latest stories and news in film photography.

Life Behind Glass Flipboard Magazine by Lee Rodgers
Life Behind Glass
The people, photos, & tech that change the way we see.

by Lee Rodgers

Readers (as of August 2014): 81,000+


Description: Life Behind Glass is a general photography magazine that brings all kind of stories to you. But the editor has a tendency to emphasize stories and insights about the photographer rather than gear and software. If you are interested in learning what it means to be a photographer, this is the right magazine for you.

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How do I determine what’s ‘Top’? (adapted from the original article)

The question was raised as to which metrics I use to decide what’s top and what’s not. Do I use any metrics, or is this just a gut feeling kinda thing???

Hey, I have been a scientist for a long time. Of course I have metrics! 😉

Ok, here are the criteria that I am looking at:

  • Is the magazine really about photography? It should not be just a mix of arbitrary stuff with a bit of photo in it.
  • Is the curator investing a sustained effort in maintaining the magazine? There should be regular updates of the contents. If all articles have been put in on one a single day two weeks ago, that is not the case.
  • Are there already a number of articles in the magazine? I am putting the number of articles in the magazine in relation to its age. If 3 articles found their way into the magazine within a month, the volume is just too low.
  • Does the magazine present an original topic? Starting the n-th magazine on Blah Blah Photography is not a good idea. If there are already 5 established magazines out about a topic, the next one is probably not going to attract readers or add anything.
  • Does the magazine stick to its topic? Readers are subscribing to a magazine with the expectation that they will get what’s announced on the cover. Calling your magazine ‘Bicycle Photography’ and putting in articles about shooting landscapes will confuse people.
  • Is a magazine for the whole family? Now, don’t get me wrong here. Tasteful nude photographs are fine, and if you decide to start a Nude Photography magazine with photos, tutorials, gear tips etc. that’s great. But if you have only naked girls in your magazine with only weak or no links to the photography side of things, it’s probably not a photography magazine.
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