500px Groups just launched - Initial thoughts

Over the last few hours, you probably got a number of emails inviting you to all kinds of groups on 500px. Wait! Groups? ...on 500px? Yes, they just launched this brand new feature on their popular photo sharing platform to spice it up some more. But is this new feature worth it, and should you spend your time exploring it? In this article, I will give you my initial thoughts.

The Social Photographer - Social Media Strategies for Creative Minds (Part 1)

In Part 1 of 'The Social Photographer', you will learn the basics of a successful social media presence for photographers. This includes the selection of the right social networks, learning to take on a business view, preparing and connecting your website, and the philosophy of sharing and making friends. 'The Social Photographer' is a free guide for photographers and other creative minds. It has 8 parts that provide strategies and techniques for a more effective social media presence.