How to Remove Anything from a Photo in Photoshop

In a perfect world, there would be nothing disturbing the flawless look of your subject and its beautiful surroundings. Nothing would distract the viewers from enjoying the things you actually want to show them. But if you've taken a photo or two yourself, you know that the world if often pretty far away from perfect. Usually, when the composition is just right, there is something distracting in the photo. Sometimes you realize it but accept it since everything else looks great. On other occasions, you only notice it when you're back on your computer and inspect the images. In order to save images in these cases, you need some solid cloning skills to be able to remove those distracting elements from your photos. And you also need to have good knowledge about which type of distractions you are able to remove and which ones are problematic because removing them will leave telltale signs. In this featured video, Aaron Nace shows you a bunch of techniques for removing (almost) anything from your images.