The Created Image Series Vol. 2 by David DuChemin

With all the talk about gear and Photoshop tricks, it is too easy to forget about what really makes you a great photographer: Your creativity, originality, inspiration and your willingness to really see the world around you. The Created Image Series Vol. 2 is a 12-hours long series of videos recorded at a live event that David DuChemin - famous humanitarian photographer and best-selling author - organized in 2014. Learning to see, storytelling, expressing yourself through your photography, how to study the masters of photography - all of that is part of this video series. But that's not all, there are also technical sessions where you will actually learn interesting Lightroom and Photoshop techniques. If you feel you're stuck in the technical details of your photography without making any real progress towards becoming a better photographer, this series is for you. Just forget about the technical stuff for a second and listen to David and the other speakers as they try to fuel your creativity. And if you miss the geeky tech talk, head over to the Lightroom and Photoshop sessions of the series. There's really something for everyone in this series.

The 'What' and the 'How' of great photography!

This video by Joel Grimes ties in nicely with one of my prior posts about How to Become an Outstanding Photographer. Joel talks about what makes a great photograph, and his main point is that photographers get sucked into the technical side too much. Creating a great photograph is a creative process, above anything else. Of course, the technical side is important, but all the photography gear, all the shooting techniques and all the post-processing tricks are just tools. It's your creative vision that counts. Therefore, you should ask the 'What' questions before you ask the 'How' questions.