How To Create A Dynamic Cityscape in Photoshop

Cityscapes at night are a fascinating and challenging subject. In this featured video, Jimmy McIntyre shows you how to master the challenge.

How to Use Double Masking for Natural HDR Blending in Photoshop

In this excerpt from my Ultimate HDR Master Class 2017, I am showing you a method that I call 'double masking' to blend two exposures manually.

4 Digital Blending Techniques in Photoshop

Digital blending is a set of techniques that allow you to combine different versions of the same image (or different images) into one. The final image is created by revealing and hiding different parts of each layer. These techniques typically involve using layer masks and varying techniques for manipulating them. However, there are also techniques that do not rely on masks at all. In this article, you will learn a set of basic digital blending techniques that allow you to deal with most situations in which you need to blend layers.