Cheetyr - Find any Photoshop shortcut in a split second

Cheetyr is a new website created by William Leeks that lets you search and find the right keyboard shortcut for Photoshop (and other tools) in a split second. No more searching on lengthy websites! Cheetyr is one of those tools that makes me think "Why didn't I think of this? Hmmmm...". It's so simple, but yet so useful. It's an extremely simple website (no clutter, no unnecessary information) that presents a list of keyboard shortcuts and lets you search that list very efficiently.

The Social Photographer - Social Media Strategies for Creative Minds (Part 1)

In Part 1 of 'The Social Photographer', you will learn the basics of a successful social media presence for photographers. This includes the selection of the right social networks, learning to take on a business view, preparing and connecting your website, and the philosophy of sharing and making friends. 'The Social Photographer' is a free guide for photographers and other creative minds. It has 8 parts that provide strategies and techniques for a more effective social media presence.