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You have a beautiful site. I feel lucky to have it passed to me. I will pass it on myself. You are a real Teacher!

Very good tips, Klaus. Your instructions are easy to follow and your presentation is very good. Hey! you don't look so bad on video either!...LOL!

Your site is really great. I have learned so much from you! Your site is in my top three for great content, excellent, useful, tutorials, and user experience/look and feel. I'm always excited to see new content from you!

What a great and informative site! I have really come to enjoy HDR photography and your cookbook is excellent. Very well written and easy to understand for us newbies. I look forward to learning lots more from you! Thank you! Don

I am a fellow HDR enthusiast and your site has a huge wealth of information. Thank you for taking the time to write all this stuff up. Your HDR work is excellent and your teaching approach is outstanding as well. Looking forward to the future posts!

What a pleasure it was to see and hear you in an interview for the first time, Klaus. You're a real natural both in front of and behind the lens [...]

Your articles are far-and-away the easiest to follow, or to simply read. I also like your style of applying HDR. Many of the photos I've looked at from other photographers had too much treatment for my taste.

Thank you. For years, I've had a mental image in my head of a particular photo I took. I could never figure out how to get the picture in my head to translate to the image. Today, while reading through your site, I found 'Mountain Shed'. That's the image I've had in my mind. Thank you. I may not be able to get that old image to represent what I saw, but I now know the technique to use. It's going to be a great thing going forward.

As someone with the heart of a teacher, I wanna thank you for your generosity and willingness to share and teach. Great stuff!

Klaus, thanks to your teaching I have taken my skills to another level, thank you very much.

Thanks Klaus, you are an inspiration for up and coming photographers interested in HDR Photography. You are to be commended for you professionalism and a desire to share your knowledge and expertise in the field of HDR.

I really learned a lot since I stumbled on this site two years ago. Your videos are great for learning the 'tricks'!

Thanks Klaus, you are providing a wonderful service. These tips will be very beneficial to us all and I look forward to many more.

[...] you have amazing skills and I really appreciate the detailed way in which you have explained the post processing thing. It has answered many of my questions [...]

Thanks for your wonderful information. In my latest picture on flickr I used quite a few ideas from your site. And thanks to your wonderful site the results are starting to show in my work.

Thanks once again for sharing your expertise. I love playing with your shots applying and learning at the same time, kudos!

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us all. I love your videos and the way you explain things, now looking forward to your ebooks.

You continue here your line of sharing knowledge and experience that does so much for HDR and for photography in general.

Just seen you on 'Twit' and now on your website. Great site with good easy to follow info and tutorials. Looking forward to learning more!

Many of the techniques I employ in my HDR processing are down to you and I look forward to your e-books [...]

Glad I finally came across this site - have been recommending it to my HDR friends on IG.

Thank you for your generosity of spirit in sharing your beautiful art, and your vast knowledge of the process. I agree that your work is inspirational, and I'm looking forward to employing more of your techniques in the field, as well as in post-processing.

You do such beautiful work, I look forward to the new pics to play with although I don't have as many tools to work as you but I will give it a go.

[...] i've been your follower for quite some time, and I definitely learnt a great deal from you. You share your stuff unselfishly [...] that's just your great nature. Really look forward to your new ebook that's coming up [...]

Your work with the Nikkor 10-24mm zoom convinced me to buy one for my D3100. I have to bracket exposures manually. But I'm used to it now. I've been learning lots from your processing technique. Thanks!

I look forward to your series of books. And thanks for the information over the last year. It has been most helpful.

I have learned so much in the past 6 months from you and I'm enjoying my photography more than ever!

Its all been said above but many thanks for a very informative presentation. Seeing it done practically makes it much easier than trying to follow a written narrative.

Thanks so much for doing this as a teaching tool. I am just beginning to pay attention to this sort of photography so this couldn't have come along at a better time.

Every time I visit your home page and instructions there is a lot new to learn. Thanks so much!

It is such a thrilling thing to follow your beautiful visions!

I bought my 1st DSLR last December, a Nikon D3100. Then I discovered HDR and was led to your website. I must say that about 95% of everything HDR that I've learned came from your 'cookbook' and videos.

I am so impressed with your mastery of the HDR process. Your work is inspirational and aspirational. Thanks for taking the time to share.

My hat's off, your photographs inspire me to get something more out of a simple photo, I'm still not there, but I think I learn something new today, thanks for this video.

I really like your new website - terrific design, organisation and, of course, content. Thanks for everything.

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