The Complete Photography Bundle 2016 – What’s really in it for you?

The Complete Photography Bundle 2016 at is in its final stages, and you may be trying to reach a decision as to whether you want to get it or not. Despite the fact that the discount is over 96%, $97 may still be a lot of money for you. And I don’t want you to spend this money if you don’t need the products in the bundle. Therefore, this article serves as a little help for you to make your decision.



There’s no bling-bling, no fancy graphics trying to get you buy something. It’s just me answering a few questions. If you still have questions, feel free to email me at

Over the next five days, I will be posting reviews of products in the bundle every day. The purpose of these reviews is of course to make you aware of the bundle, but it is also meant to give you the type of in-depth information that you need (beyond the typical marketing blah blah) to assess the bundle for you personally.

Q & A

But to give you some indication as to whether this offer is really legit before you will read all the reviews, here’s a selection of the most pressing questions you may have.

Q: Is this too good to be true?

96% off is actually such a big discount that it raises the typical questions: Is it legit? Is it scam? Are these products actually worth it if they are sold this cheap?

It’s only natural if you are asking these questions. But I can tell you that this is absolutely legit! These are first-class products created by world-class photographers. Just take a look at the list of products and who contributed them. People like Trey Ratcliff, Joel Grimes and Lindsay Adler are highly respected and famous all over the world. Alex Koloskov, Phil Stele, and Zack Arias are industry leaders that are very active in their community.

Just in case you have doubts, simply email any of them personally and ask if they are really in this. No… seriously! Email them! They will answer!

Q: But how come the price is sooo low?

Well, this has different reasons:

These are all electronic products. Thus, apart from renting and managing a download server, the actual process of selling them does not cost any money. Now obviously, each of these products has its monetary value, but this value is not dependent on any physical distribution mechanism.

Each of the contributors has definite advantages (over selling their product stand-alone) when they participate:

  1. The marketing is easier because there is more value involved,
  2. All contributors together can reach many more people than any one alone,
  3. The 5 Deal Day event became well-known quickly which created a bit of a hype,
  4. For each bundle a contributor sells, they get a commission that in many cases exceeds the price of their own product because they get to sell the whole bundle.

So, you see. Even if the discount is huge, this is still a win-win situation for everyone (including you – the buyer who gets the discount).

Q: If this is such a great thing, why does it end?

Because keeping it running forever would naturally lower the price of each single product to about 4% of its original value forever. It’s the same reason why any discount has to end: Because the product is actually worth much more and the sellers just cannot sustain this over an extended period of time.

Q: So, all of these products are really only worth 4% of their current regular prize?

No, not at all! For the reasons explained above, it is possible to offer this discount for a very limited time (5 days in our case). But each single product in the bundle has a much higher value. Some are actually worth a couple of hundred dollars. They have been created by very talented and very skilled people who spent many years on perfecting their craft and many months one writing, recording, programing, testing, correcting, polishing and supporting their product.

Each one of the products carries the soul of their creators. Of course, they created them to earn some money. But much more than that, each single contributor put their heart into it in order to give something back, to tell their story or simply to help others achieve their goals.

So don’t make the mistake to mix up low prize and low value. This bundle is low prize – awesome value!

Product Reviews

To help you make a better decision as to whether you want to get the bundle or not, I have put together reviews for 15 products from this year’s bundle. Check out in detail what each of these products is about and whether this is for you.