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What’s the book about?

Presets are the most underrated and the least understood feature in Adobe Lightroom. Most photographers see them as a convenient one-click solution for editing their images. Presets seem to enable a kind of window shopping for photo editing: You flip through a number of example images on the web, you choose the look you like, you buy the respective preset collection, and it’s all just one click away. This is a wide-spread misconception. In reality, Lightroom presets are more complicated and more powerful if you use them correctly.

In this book, I will give you a complete overview of, and a guide to all the different types of presets you can create and use in Lightroom. I will debunk the most common myths about using presets to give you a realistic perspective on the topic. Furthermore, I will show you many advanced techniques that allow you to take maximum advantage of presets to make your image editing workflow more creative, faster and simpler at the same time.

Chapter Overview (includes sample pages)

Chapter 1 - Introduction

The first chapter will introduce the topics of the book and set the stage for the following chapters.

Sample page - Chapter 1 (manuscript before editing)

Sample page – Chapter 1 (manuscript before editing)

Chapter 2 - Develop Preset

In Chapter 2, you will learn all the basics of creating, installing, applying and managing Develop presets. Then I will show you how Develop presets are connected to a range of other concepts like snapshots and virtual copies. The real power of presets is unleashed when you are using these concepts together.

I will take a close look at how you can leverage the presets that you may already have. This includes finding the best preset for a given image in a systematic way, customizing presets and even reverse-engineering your presets to find out how they actually work.

Sample page - Chapter 2 (manuscript before editing)

Sample page – Chapter 2 (manuscript before editing)

Chapter 3 - How to Build Your Own Develop Preset Collections

Chapter 3 gives you some valuable tips on how to create your own preset collections that you may also want to distribute to other people. You will learn how to make your preset collection most valuable and useful.

Sample page - Chapter 3 (manuscript before editing)

Sample page – Chapter 3 (manuscript before editing)

Chapter 4 - Preset Systems

In Chapter 4, I will introduce you to the concept of preset systems – a completely new way of using presets that will change the way you are using Lightroom. Preset systems allow you to compose your image adjustments in a very fast and visual way. They add a new dimension to photo editing in Lightroom, and you will learn how they work, how to use them and even how you can build your own preset system. We will use the Easy Preset System as a case study throughout the chapter.

Sample page - Chapter 4 (manuscript before editing)

Sample page – Chapter 4 (manuscript before editing)

Chapter 5 - Local Adjustment Presets

Chapter 5 is about local adjustments and local adjustment presets. These allow you to add targeted adjustments to selected areas of your images quickly. They have some unique features like stacking and scrubbing that will make your work much more effective.

Sample page - Chapter 5 (manuscript before editing)

Sample page – Chapter 5 (manuscript before editing)

Chapter 6 - Metadata Presets

I will discuss metadata presets in Chapter 6. These presets allow you to store information about your images, your subjects, your brand and much more inside your photos automatically. Especially if you are working for clients and if your are sharing your images online, these presets can be very important for you.

Sample page - Chapter 6 (manuscript before editing)

Sample page – Chapter 6 (manuscript before editing)

Chapter 7 - Watermark Presets

Chapter 7 deals with watermark presets that let you add your logo or any text or image to your photos in many different ways. If you want to protect your work from theft, and if you want to associate your brand with your images, this is a great way of doing it with minimal effort.

Sample page - Chapter 7 (manuscript before editing)

Sample page – Chapter 7 (manuscript before editing)

Chapter 8 - Export Presets

Export presets are the topic of Chapter 8. Exporting your images is always the very last step of your editing workflow. You will find yourself having to export you images in specific formats (file formats, dimensions, resolutions, watermarking etc.) over and over again. This is where export presets can really take over all the work for you. You will learn how you can define presets for your most common use cases. With these presets, the export will literally be reduced to just three clicks.

Sample page - Chapter 8 (manuscript before editing)

Sample page – Chapter 8 (manuscript before editing)

Chapter 9 - Advanced Topics

Finally, in Chapter 9, I will discuss some advanced topics like backing up your presets, sharing presets with other applications and some caveats you need to be aware of. You will also learn about very useful tools, e.g. for setting the overall opacity of any preset.

Sample page - Chapter 9 (manuscript before editing)

Sample page – Chapter 9 (manuscript before editing)

Chapter 10 - Summary and Conclusions

In Chapter 10, I will summarize the most important revelations of this book and give you a final overview.

Sample page - Chapter 10 (manuscript before editing)

Sample page – Chapter 10 (manuscript before editing)

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