Sunset Palace

Created with the Easy Preset System for Lightroom

About this photo

Solitude Palace is a beautiful place just outside of Stuttgart, Germany that has become one of the recreational attractions in the region. It’s a great vantage point to view across the Württemberg lowlands. The palace has been built in the 18th century as a hunting lodge and summer residence. This is actually one shot from an entire bracketing series shot for an HDR image, but I decided to use only one of the frames to demonstrate the power of the Easy Preset System.

Before and After

Here is the before and after of this image. Slide back and forth between the original exposure (left) and the edited photo (right).

Watch the entire post-processing

This video shows how I compose the overall image adjustments using the Easy Preset System for Lightroom.

How the photo was shot

How the image was post-processed

Easy-Preset-System-sidebar-adThis image was entirely post-processed in Lightroom using the Easy Preset System for Lightroom. Taking it from start to finish took under 4 minutes as you can see in the video above. For those who already have a copy of the Easy Preset System, here are the presets used to create the end result:

  • “eps 0.01 Reset all”
    • to zero out all the settings and start from scratch
  • “eps 1.03 DynRange”
    • to bring down the highlights and up the shadows
  • “eps 2.03 Contrast”
    • to get back some of the contrast
  • “eps 3.06 Exposure”
    • to increase the brightness of the midtones
  • “eps 4.04 Raise shadow and highlight contrast”
    • to add a bit of punch to the shadows and highlights
  • “eps 5.04 Details”
    • to bring out the details in the sky and in the building
  • “eps 6a.02 Temp”
    • to retain the original white balance set by the camera
  • “eps 6b.03 Boost”
    • to add some vibrance and saturation
  • “eps 6c.18 Boost Orange/Blue/Yellow”
    • to accentuate the colors of the sky and the building
  • “eps 7.05 Vignette”
    • to darken the edges which makes the sky look like an explosion
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