The Lounge (HDR)

The Lounge (HDR)

The story of this photo

This isa 3-exposure HDR image of the lounge of a big cruise ship. A cruise is the best way of getting to see many places in a short time. At night, as you’re sleeping, you’re being taken to the next stop on your journey. You’re usually getting up really early (sometimes around 5 am) to meet your group and debark for your shore leave. This was taken around that time. At this particular day, we visited Istanbul.

How the photos were shot

The Lounge (HDR) - Dynamic Before-and-After

Take a look at the Dynamic Before-and-After feature for this image. It lets you slide back and forth between the original and the processed image.

How the HDR image was created and tonemapped

  • CA reduction and white balance correction on all source exposures in Adobe Camera Raw
  • Saved the 3 images as TIFFs
  • Created one additional +4EV image from the original +2EV source photo [details]. The image was gently blended in manually to get back some details in the darkest areas.
  • Applied noise reduction (Topaz Denoise) to each of the source images [details]
  • Resulting TIFFs from the original RAW images (+2EV, 0EV, -2EV) were then used as input to Photomatix (Details Enhancer option)

How the tonemapped image was post-processed

  • Post-processing was done in Photoshop
  • Topaz Adjust for enhancing the colors and the lighting [details]
  • Local adjustments
    • Oval wooden floor
      • Curves layer for more contrast
      • Saturation layer: toning down the reds and the yellows
      • Photo filter (orange) to get back the original color
    • Metal plates
      • Curves layer to get more contrast and enhance the reflective look
      • Saturation layer to desaturate the metal
    • Ceiling
      • Saturation layer: slight desaturation and decrease of lightness
      • Levels layer: improve general contrast
    • White rim in the ceiling
      • Saturation layer: desaturation
      • Levels layer for better contrast and more brightness
    • Golden elements of the pavilion
      • Saturation layer (yellows)
  • Global adjustments
    • Levels and Saturation layers for global fine-tuning
  • Blending with original exposures
    • Blending in the original 0EV exposure to fix the yellow highlights on the pavilion
    • Blending in the +2EV and the artificial +4EV exposures to lighten the palm trees
  • Slight vignetting [details]
  • Watermarking [details]
  • Sharpening using the High-Pass method [details]
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4 replies
  1. Jane
    Jane says:

    Beautiful shot as always, I have to say that 5am for a tour is a little early. The tours we usually do on cruises are at around 10 am, it is great though to find somewhere quite on a trip.


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