The Tube (HDR)

The Tube (HDR)

The story of this photo:

Take a look at the Before-and-After Comparison to see where this photo comes from!

Take a look at the Before-and-After Comparison to see where this photo comes from!

This is one of those images that you just quickly snap while you are on your way to some promising location and that turn out great. In this particular situation, I was on my way to the Budapest Parliament building for some nice interior shots. When I left the tube, I though “Let’s just take a quick AEB series here… even if it’s not going to be great.” I was really looking forward to the parliament. When I walked up to the building, it turned out that it was booked out! What? Booked out? What does that mean? Too many politicians??? No, too many tourists. I was a bit late on that day, having shot a number of other locations before. Yesterday, I thought “Let’s see how the tube photos turn out”, and here you go. What do you think?


Update on Google+

Man, Google+ is flying! I have exceeded the 5,000 friends (people that put me in their circles) mark now. Everyone is excited to be there and the spirit is great. All kinds of photographers lists are being built and circulated so that people find each other. Of course, I had to create one too: The Definitive List of HDR Photographers on Google+. That’s bold statement, eh? 😉 But it slowly turns out to be just that, the HDR list on G+. If you are on G+ already, check it out.

How it was shot:

How it was tonemapped:

  • Preparation: developed the raw files with ACR mainly in order to reduce the CA [details]
  • Created two additional exposures in ACR (+4EV and -4EV) to preserve highlights and shadows [details]
  • Applied noise reduction (Topaz Denoise) to each of the source images [details]
  • Resulting TIF images were then used as input to Photomatix
  • Tone-mapping: Photomatix Pro 4.0 (Detail Enhancer)

How it was post-processed:

  • Post-processing was done in Photoshop
  • Topaz Adjust on the entire image to get back the colors and the details
  • Topaz Infocus on the entire image for sharpening
  • Saturation layer on the pillars (desaturation)
  • Saturation layer on the floor (master)
  • Curves layer on the floor (more contrast)
  • Saturation layer on the ceiling (master)
  • Curves layer on the ceiling (more contrast)
  • Global saturation layer (master)
  • Global levels layer (contrast – masked to preserve highlights)
  • Vignette effect using a masked fill layer [details]
  • Watermarking [details]
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3 replies
  1. Richard Sisk
    Richard Sisk says:

    Hi Klaus,
    I am always impressed by your great work and have featured you again on my site. I took the liberty of posting your photo and some text from your about page and also your great image “The Tube” with links back to your site.
    Please let me know if you are OK with the posting of if you don’t like it I shall take it down.
    Kind Regards,
    Richard Sisk

    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Richard,

      thanks for posting about my work on your site. I have absolutely no problem with that. Maybe you can add a link to the original photo page to the image itself.



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